I Have Heard The World Weeping

 I Have Heard the World Weeping:                                                            

 2015 September— 39.7392° N, 104.9903° W

“They found one Breath in all things,

That moves all things between.”

The Threshold—Rudyard Kipling


I have heard the world weeping

at this respite long delayed,

I have seen the ashes falling

in cascades, instead of rain.

They say the world is burning,

It’s we who feed the flame 

of the land that’s been encumbered

by the weight of our domain.

I wonder what can bear the weight

of dreams left unfulfilled,

and who will care to tell the tale

of hearts that have been stilled.

I have seen the world weeping,

I have felt the ocean sigh,

with all the weight of water shed—

a somber lullaby.

The earth gave up its secrets

its mantle, crust and core,

it shattered to infinitude

until it was no more.

I have touched the face of heaven,

I have seen the unknown shore

inside the folds of what’s to come

and what has been before.

There lives a place inside of me

no army dares to breach,

it is a sheltered solstice

beyond the world’s reach.

When all the sighs of all the souls

release and just let go,

we will hear a world that laughs again

in a firmament that’s whole.

©2015, Mindy Martin Pillitteri. All rights reserved.

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