Mindy Martin has been writing most of her life. Her work has been published both nationally and internationally. A professional ghostwriter, she has been the unseen hand behind the book you may have read, the speech you may have heard, the textbook you may have studied, or the commercial you may have watched. Along the way Mindy has worked for network television stations, advertising agencies, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations. She’s been recognized for her contributions to the field of traumatic brain injury and wrote the first family survival guide ever published on the subject. Her research and writing on social style and emotional intelligence is still being used by Fortune 500 companies and private firms throughout the world. For many years, she operated her own marketing and communications firm. Now, after a career spent channeling everyone else’s thoughts and ideas into print, she is focusing on publishing her own work under her own name. This blog is her online home.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Mindy, I find your writings to be full of depth and insight. Many kudos for expressing yourself so eloquently and oh so honestly. (The latter quality being the most challenging but also the most rewarding too).


  2. Please don’t give up on my beloved site. Life got in the way—again—and, while it makes good fodder, this crucible of love has brought new challenges—and gifts. Thanks again to all who have stopped by, especially Patrick, Tia, Paula—all your comments are a gift. I cant wait to post new work. Stay well. m


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